Garfield Commons

Dear Fellow Residents:

The purpose of this community website is to team together and discuss needed changes, concerns, complaints or provide information for current or future residents about our experience here at Garfield Commons.

I am in no way associated with Garfield Commons or Broder and Sachse.  I am a fellow resident that would like to inform you of an online community website for Garfield Commons current or past residents.

This site is managed by a fellow resident.  Any comments or discussions will NOT be removed by Garfield Commons management.  You will not be required to give your name or address to participate.

I strongly urge you to join this community discussion.  Alone we have no voice.  In numbers we will be heard.


  1. Christi

    What the hell is wrong with you guys!? You continue to leave that refrigerator on our floor for three months and now you clean out another apartment and can’t take a TRASH bag down ONE flight of stairs with you?! Are you THAT lazy?! How long is that going to sit out there? As long as the last piles of garbage you had left out there last year? Do we need to throw them away ourselves? You need to be a little more respectful and treat your tenants in the way that they pay their rent that you continue to raise every month. This is just another reason why I am so glad to be moving away from you guys.

    1. Admin

      I wonder how they get new residents in while showing an apartment with an old fridge and garbage outside.

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